Open Letter to Freecyclers Everywhere

Dear Freecyclers, Please stop listing one million little things in separate posts. OFFER them all together. We don’t need a separate post for each book title in the box of fifty that you didn’t sell at your yard sale. Please stop asking for very specific things. Also, please stop asking for obnoxiously expensive things. Nobody’s … Continue reading

Getting married

I’m a big supporter of equal rights. I like the idea of marriage. I am married and I have babies. I don’t think anyone should be denied a legal right to marriage. I also don’t think the law has any constitutional room to define any restrictions based on race, gender, or religion. So, for the … Continue reading

Godly Sorrow?

Having grown up around fairly negative people throughout my childhood, I’m acutely aware of my own negativity and make conscience choices not to get too carried away with that focus. Even now, I’d had the intention of writing this post with a list of things that annoy me and couldn’t bring myself to do it. … Continue reading