Open Letter to Freecyclers Everywhere

Dear Freecyclers,

Please stop listing one million little things in separate posts. OFFER them all together. We don’t need a separate post for each book title in the box of fifty that you didn’t sell at your yard sale.

Please stop asking for very specific things. Also, please stop asking for obnoxiously expensive things. Nobody’s going to give you a Wii and the odds of you getting a first generation Optimus Prime still in the package is nil. Besides, do you really think anyone in possession of a collectible is just going to give it to you?

Remember that freecycle items are WANTED, not NEEDED. This isn’t a charity. On this note, stop complaining at people who don’t give you what they OFFER. You aren’t entitled to anyone’s stuff just because you decide you want it and using the freecycle lists to share your disappointment publicly with the whole list or privately with the OFFERer is inappropriate and rude.

Also, the freecycle list is not your chatroom. You won’t be given a house, a job, a car or a service. We will probably look for your lost dog because, heck, it’s a lost dog and that sucks; but, still, you shouldn’t post that either.

You don’t have to post THANK YOU posts. We can assume somebody got it when the OFFERing freecycler posts TAKEN. If you’d like to say THANK YOU, do it in a private email to the freecycler who gave you the stuff. Also, don’t use names for the people who take OFFERs when writing TAKENs. That’s tacky, rude and a possible invasion of that individual’s privacy.

Please show up when you say you’re going to show up. Don’t expect OFFERs to have free delivery and don’t ask!

To those of you who want everything that’s OFFERed, just to OFFER it again in a couple days: Why? What’s the point?

Do not ever take my email address from the list and SPAM me about your resale business! And don’t you ever include my email address in a SPAM where you don’t hide any of the addresses you’re emailing, so everyone you SPAM now has my email address!

Finally, please Moderators, if you’re going to have the rule that anyone who posts FOR SALE items will be banned, do it especially when the offender is trying to sell something they picked up from an OFFER the previous day. It would also help if you didn’t sanctimoniously demand that everyone forgive the repeat offender, as if there wasn’t an established rule that’s expected to be followed in cases such as these.

Thankfully not holding my breath,

Insomniac Harold


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