Cittaslow: what does it mean when it’s at home?

I live in the Southern region of the United States of America. One who lives in The South has a very high risk of living in a “slow city”. Cittaslow is a movement that started in 1999 Italy as a means to promote quality living away from the fast paced instant gratification of the so-called fast lane. Most slow cities are being named as such after centuries of being just as they usually are.

I currently live in a slow city. It’s being kept slow, not by the noble intentions of visionaries who strive for an ideal of quality living, but by retired individuals who don’t want none of that darned racket from the sports pub that’s a half-mile away from their age restricted mobile home park.

I’d prefer to live in a different slow city that’s slow because the landscape is more mountain and farm than skyscraper and highway. But that’s me. I’m a cittaslow kinda gal.

Since Cittaslow is a social movement with wide visions and lofty ideals, it’s hard for the individual to get a real grasp on how one embraces the Cittaslow lifestyle. The best way to do this is to live in a slow city that’s genuinely slow and unaffected by any social trends. You’ll find them in all fast-moving countries across the globe, usually about 45 minutes outside a major metropolis’ city limits. There will be a stunning lack of 24/7 convenience stores, a limited number of fast food restaurants, and very little choice for nightlife activities. Streets are narrow without any anticipation to handle heavy traffic at any point in time. Sidewalks run throughout and artwork and parks are hidden along the walkways as a treat for those who take the time to enjoy them.

These amenities would have been present for the entire existence of the village/town/city. Once an individual has found such a place, s/he needs to only take advantage of what has always been there. By altering one’s own lifestyle to enjoy the life and city around him/her, the social movement is a success.

Did we really need a social movement to know this?


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