An excuse to hate

“Hate the sin, love the sinner.” said Mahatma Ghandi (1869-1948). Most of us are aware that this quote was not Christian based, despite being seized and used repeatedly to articulate the manner in which many believe it is permissable for Christians to hate.

“Hate” is the operative word.

From hate comes fear, exclusivity, discrimination, and oppression.

The Bible does not make this distinction. C.S. Lewis has stated before that it is impossible to separate the acts of an individual from that individual when dealing with such strong instruments as love and hate. How Ghandi’s words aren’t to be taken at face value if we are to truly apply them to us in our daily lives and spiritual growth. Once again, Ghandi’s true spiritual enlightenment and genius are flush with his delightfully simple manner of expression.

As C.S. Lewis then asked, turn this hate and love inward at oneself and what do we find? Do we find that we hate more than we love? He connected this with the Biblical teaching, widely known as The Golden Rule, of treating others how one wishes to be treated. If you spend your time in hate for what you do and what you’ve become, how do you wish to be treated?

So, we dispense with hate.

Without hate, how can we judge?

Without judgment, how do we oppress?

When “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” is ripped from context and used to the raging delight of those who don’t own a mirror, we see protests against people wanting to get married by their governments, not their churches, their governments. We see protests and aggressive screaming against facilities that provide safe and legal abortions amongst numerous other economically priced women’s health procedures that can’t be found elsewhere. We see xenophobia running amok with full support of every red-blooded white American who thinks they have an “American Culture” to protect. We see this christian society turn its back on its infirmed and imprisoned. We see condemnation instead of rehabilitation. No one exists in a vacuum. No one is without sin. No one can ever be without sin. There will never be a time when we are so scant on self-reflection of our sin that we have time to bother with others.

Does this suggest a lack of order for society? Of course not. The USA is not designed to run on religion. Society can exist without religion, especially Christianity, as the controlling factor in all control. Using the common morality found in all major World Religions with a checking balance against the working knowledge of Science, a template of basic laws and rules for peaceful and ethical existence can be drafted easily. I believe this has been done very thoroughly.

It is the insistence to hate that continues to interfer with an otherwise peaceful and working society. In the USA, it is the insistence of the hateful people who believe in God to fearfully attempt to dominate society, force religious beliefs that defy the common morality and scientific fact balances, and begin oppression of those whose acts do not conform to the average perception of what is right.

Once the cycle begins, it is difficult to break. If I had the answers I’d tell you. For now, all I know for sure is that we need to mind our own sin and love ourselves so that we can love others. “Hate” can no longer be a part of our vocabulary.


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