One woman’s imaginary choice should negate any woman having a choice, says a famous guy

So Tim Tebow, a top 2010 NFL draft pick, and his mom Pam want to take some time during the Superbowl on February 7th to talk about her getting deathly ill back in 1987 when she was pregnant with him in a context that states that her choice to keep her pregnancy somehow justifies denying other women choices. Naturally, the loudest anti-woman sect in America is footing the bill.

As the story goes, Pam and her husband Bob were Christian missionaries in the Philippines when they began praying for little Tim, their fifth child, “by name”. Pam became deathly ill and was, apparently, advised to have an abortion to save her life. A problem with Pam Tebow’s story is that abortion was and still is illegal in the Philippines according to the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines (1930) with no exception for therapeutic or life-saving abortion. This means Pam Tebow had no choice, thereby making the claims in the commercial spot fraudulent and irresponsible. To avoid pointing out that the Tebow Family are the only individuals who support their story about Pam Tebow’s pregnancy and that their story happens to support a specific agenda while flying in the face of truth and fact, we’ll not examine the obvious inconsistencies any further. While taking the Tebow story at face value, we’re still left with a very ironic statement. What the commercial is actually saying is, “Because my mom managed not to die during pregnancy with me and I grew up to be successful, no woman has a right to choose a safe, legal abortion.”

Tebow’s mom has every right to her opinion and certainly, it’s legal for Tebow to use his fame to exploit women he’s never met by influencing other men, who will never have to make such a choice, against legal access to safe abortion choices. After all, a man who wants his girlfriend to get an abortion to spare his life the agony of inconvenient fatherhood doesn’t really care if it’s legal and safe or not. It’s also possible that if Focus on the Family put more of their money towards keeping American children healthy and fed instead of buying very expensive television time to shame women through the voice of a man from a two-parent household who’s going to earn millions of dollars in an industry unavailable to women, the choice to abort might become more of a legal formality than an option.

This morning I had the pleasure of being positioned behind yet another bumper sticker consumer at a traffic light. One bumper sticker stated, “It’s A Baby, Not A Choice” and the one next to it stated, “Death Before Dishonor”.

One Response to “One woman’s imaginary choice should negate any woman having a choice, says a famous guy”
  1. 0ccam says:

    I’m certainly “pro choice” in that I believe that it’s NONE of MY business what any woman chooses to do with her body, including any fetus contained therein. Well, I might expect to be able to voice my opinion to my wife about such things, and the law would hold me responsible for any dependents I might have, but I hope you get my point.

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