The Murder of Alex Teehee, a North Port / Port Charlotte Issue

On July 13, 2008, a 20 year-old sole custodial father of two named Alex Teehee was murdered in cold blood with a hit and run that struck Teehee twice and left him for dead in Charlotte Harbor Town, Florida. He actually died hours later in Lee Memorial Hospital, Fort Myers, Florida, as a result of his severe injuries.

For 2-1/2 years, the Florida State Police and Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office investigated while the Teehee family pleaded with the public to come forth with information, posting signs with dedication throughout the North Port community, where Alex Teehee had lived and attended school before moving to Charlotte Harbor just before his murder, maintaining the memorial along Sibley Bay St. in Charlotte Harbor where Alex Teehee was killed, reaching out to all who showed interest in the case, and holding fundraisers to continue the fight.

This particular case has struck a chord with me because, like anyone’s life, there’s more to the story. Alex Teehee wasn’t an angelic boy scout but he was a normal young man. Alex Teehee’s teen antics included getting beer with friends and acquaintances, all underaged, from a local gas station one evening. When the intoxicated driver crashed the vehicle, it turned out that the driver had stolen it from his own mother and the car wasn’t tagged or legal to drive. With none of this information known to the other kids, and with a gas station not checking for I.D.’s, the Teehee family filed a lawsuit against all responsible parties to help pay for Alex Teehee’s medical bills, which had grown substantially in treating his injuries.

The young driver committed suicide just weeks after Alex Teehee’s murder, bringing greater sadness and loss to these events. The internet became a battleground when, months after the suicide and neither young man was alive, the lawsuit did not drop. Vile accusations were printed on various websites against Alex Teehee’s mother, only his mother, in an increasingly incomprehensible stream of unreasonable statements and moderators of those forums struggle to keep up with the deletion demands. While the Teehee family maintained a respectful silence to preserve the integrity of the murder investigation, these rampant internet arguments continued to a degree that one might suspect the same individual was arguing both sides. It was odd, I’m telling you.

While the Teehee family had their suspicions based on experiences Alex Teehee was having shortly before his murder, they allowed the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office to run a thorough investigation and follow all leads. On December 31, 2009, the CCSO issued a warrant for Ralph Loosman’s arrest. The 19 year-old’s location was unknown and rumors flew wild throughout the North Port and Port Charlotte communities. Finally, on January 5, 2010, Ralph Loosman was apprehended by U.S. Marshalls in Las Vegas, Nevada and detained for removal back to Charlotte County, Florida.

I can only imagine the relief that another step forward has been taken towards justice. It is, however, just one step. Let us hope this one step flushes out the second individual in the SUV who participated in the murder of Alex Teehee on July 13, 2008. Let us hope this one step leads to a success conviction and sentencing of Ralph Loosman for his crime.


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