Hot ‘N Cold

I go through phases of having an internet presence and then not having one. I will get tired of the exposure or intimidated by the idea of unsavory types looking me up and delete everything. I want to have some kind of public presence to greet the world and meet new people to learn new things; and then I also want no infringement on the security of my personal life.

There are some subjects that bring out more unsavory types and I have a habit of wanting to fight the good fight for all kinds of controversial issues. Let’s face it, we live in a world that isn’t safe. All that’s worth seeing and living for is the good stuff, but there’s a lot of bad that gets in the way.

I deleted this blog for a while. Now I’ve undeleted it. I may re-delete it in the future. It depends solely on my mood and what I perceive is the temperature of the internet at the moment.

The days I’ve spent in hiatus from blogging were still spent in activism, photography and beach lounging. Typical stuff.


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