False Prophets and Cardboard

The longer I live, the more I’m convinced that people who praise God for EVERYTHING (f.ex: I got the last onion bagel at Dunkin Donuts, PRAISE JESUS FOR THY BLESSINGS RUNNETH OVER!) (and they’re not trying to be funny) or people who quote scripture or “inspirational Christian quotes” every other breath. Not occasionally when something touches their hearts (and not a Facebook app that automatically posts something daily) but continuously. These people are full of shit. They’re fake. They’re impostors. Cardboard.

They claim “fire & brimstone” fatalistic black & white theology and say you must “hate” certain people for being different (f.ex: hating gays is okay because it’s not “god’s will” to live that way.) (precisely, they refer to it as “tough love” and think they’re allowed to interpret and execute God’s job for him and to hell with all that love crap). They also support the prosperity preaching and other nonsense forms of worship that put the focus on the human experience rather than service to God. Shake your tambourine and if God loves you, he’ll make you rich! It’s hard to believe how many people in the world God doesn’t love with all this poverty, right? I mean, St. Francis of Assisi… God must’ve hated that guy!

Then, here’s the kicker, these people spend their time quoting scripture, raising their hands in the air, praaaaisin’ Jeeeesus for good parking spaces, hating on good people in the name of Jesus, and then turn around and – without even trying to claim a victory for God – treat other people like absolute shit. They behave like people who you’d imagine have no intention of living a kind and moral life. The hate oozes. You see the true colors.

So I consider false prophets and, while I knew there are false prophets (f.ex: Joel Olsteen and his smile), I hadn’t considered the ripple effect and how many false prophets these false prophets produce with the heretical teachings. Even as laymen, we carry the Word with us, can give our testimony to others, and represent Jesus on earth by living his teachings. Imagine how many people adore Olsteen… and that every one of them is telling other people bullshit, living fake lives based on material desires, and never understanding the self-sacrifice and service necessary to worship Christ. Olsteen isn’t the only one. These money-driven mongers are all over the place.

It’s very obvious to me now that I’ve said it so I’m sure this has occurred to many people out there. But it makes me angry and sad at the same time. These people teach other adults, they teach children, and they lead so many astray. None of them have the opportunity to really know Christ and understand our purpose to follow his teaching. They look for instant gratification and ego-affirmations. They want the feel-good.

But the feel-good comes as a side effect of knowing you have sacrificed for someone else, made someone’s life better, and/or served the Lord. We don’t do things to feel good. We do things because it is what we must do. It just happens to make us feel good sometimes.

Christian isn’t God loves me because I got the last onion bagel.
Christian is God loves me so I have left the last onion bagel for someone else.

Perhaps it is unChristian of me to point these things out and share my disgust about it. Perhaps the greater Christian would provide understanding and forgiveness while continuing to do her best to contribute good works to this world in service of the Lord and others.
But at least I can admit that my thoughts in this post may not be Holy. At least I don’t claim that such anger is required by Jesus against my fellow man. At least I realize this post may be a sin. At least I’m not trying to fool anybody into thinking I’m anyone other than who I am.


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