A Daytime Thought: Atheism and Religion

From time to time I’ve wondered why Atheists talk so much about Christians. I mean, I’m a Christian but outside of this very rare moment, I don’t talk about people who don’t believe in a religion. I don’t call names or point out that I might believe they are wasting their lives in a frivolous delusion. Yet, I see this constantly from a number of Atheists. They don’t discuss Atheism, they discuss Christianity and specifically, Christian stereotypes as ignorant, stupid and delusional people.

Mind you, I understand the frustration with a population of Christians on the earth and I understand that I can be seen as a special little snowflake when it comes to non-judgmental Christian living. In fact, I spend some time debunking this bizarrely loud and obnoxious population’s approach to Christianity, too. However, I am Christian so in a manner of speaking, this is my backyard and I don’t want people getting the wrong impression about Christ’s message because it matters to me that people get a good impression.

A good impression of Christianity is not the concern of the Atheist. Outside of evangelism for Atheism using only unoriginal mudslinging for shock value, I don’t see the point in the preoccupation. I think of many of the Atheists I have known over the years, some of them my dearest friends, and I can’t remember a single time that they said anything anti-religion to me. In fact, they just didn’t and still don’t talk about religion. As Atheists, they live their lives quite happily as they are and that is it.

It appears that Atheism evangelism is a lot like Christian evangelism when it is done right: Actions speak louder than words.


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