Have you ever wished someone was dead?

I’ll admit it. I did once or twice. I didn’t mean it, but my emotions were so rough at that moment that my thoughts went that dark. I regret going to that place and am ashamed that I let myself be that way. I know better. I am better.

I can’t imagine having darker thoughts against another person than to wish that person’s death. When the phrase DIAF or “die in a fire” was very popular on the internet, I was mortified. Having firefighter kin and actually marrying a man who was a firefighter for over 12 years, I couldn’t imagine telling someone to die in a fire, seriously or jokingly. Who does that?! I’m not easily shocked and that really put me on the floor and bothered me for a long time. To a degree, it still bothers me. How irresponsible and thoughtless are people to say such things?

So mark this at yet another thing I don’t understand about my culture.


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