Copy Cat

Have you ever had someone in your life who you wanted to be just like? Maybe you thought they were cooler than cool. Maybe you just wanted to have whatever they had (eg. popularity, love life, wealth, etc.). Whatever your reason, did you find yourself doing the things that they do, dressing like them, maybe … Continue reading


UP characters Ellie and Carl at their mailbox

When you go to the Disney/Pixar website for the movie Up!, you will not find a character listing for the most important character in the story, Ellie. While some of my readers can very easily accept that I would adore a redheaded girl named Ellie from a hillbilly family, my reasons go a lot deeper, … Continue reading

What I Remember

I spent more than a few minutes fussing with my Facebook profile. I get very fickle with my social networking. Sometimes I don’t mind everybody knowing everything. Sometimes it’s beneficial for my job, providing that I behave myself. Other times I’d rather just not let anybody know anything. In middle school, aka. junior high, I … Continue reading