Evangelizing a Content Atheist

As much as I chide the evangelizing atheist who’s too anti-religion to realize he’s petitioning for religion more than he’s undermining it, I am concerned about my level of passivity towards those who aren’t Christian. Christianity requires that Christians let others know about Christ and the beliefs so that people have the opportunity to become … Continue reading

The Catholic Country Club

Something that I find ironic is that when I was Catholic, I felt on the outside due to the person God matched me with, who wasn’t a born and raised Catholic like I was. Now that I’m Episcopalian, I only feel on the outside with my Catholic friends. My best friend is a devoted Catholic … Continue reading

Suicide is not a ticket to Hell

Growing up, I was provided two extreme ends of the Christian spectrum. I was raised Roman Catholic and then after Confirmation, my mother dragged me to every serpent head-stomping tambourine-shaking Charismatic church she could find. Both perspectives make it absolutely clear that suicide is a one-way ticket to Hell without chance of redemption. I accepted … Continue reading

A Daytime Thought: Atheism and Religion

From time to time I’ve wondered why Atheists talk so much about Christians. I mean, I’m a Christian but outside of this very rare moment, I don’t talk about people who don’t believe in a religion. I don’t call names or point out that I might believe they are wasting their lives in a frivolous … Continue reading

False Prophets and Cardboard

The longer I live, the more I’m convinced that people who praise God for EVERYTHING (f.ex: I got the last onion bagel at Dunkin Donuts, PRAISE JESUS FOR THY BLESSINGS RUNNETH OVER!) (and they’re not trying to be funny) or people who quote scripture or “inspirational Christian quotes” every other breath. Not occasionally when something … Continue reading

Lent: Why?

I was raised Roman Catholic and have been a member of The Episcopal Church, and therefore also the greater Anglican Communion, since January 2009, so I celebrate the traditional Liturgical Calendar, which includes the Season of Lent. Lent is a forty-day period (forty-six if you count the Sundays) that traces what is believed to be … Continue reading


Victor Hugo wrote in the better part of the 19th century. He was prolific in Romanticism and ahead of his time for Realism. The balance of his unique dual perspective sharpened a blade that cut through modern religion, even when his novels were medievalist. Mind you, the Roman Catholic Church, of which Hugo was a … Continue reading

An excuse to hate

“Hate the sin, love the sinner.” said Mahatma Ghandi (1869-1948). Most of us are aware that this quote was not Christian based, despite being seized and used repeatedly to articulate the manner in which many believe it is permissable for Christians to hate. “Hate” is the operative word. From hate comes fear, exclusivity, discrimination, and … Continue reading

Getting married

I’m a big supporter of equal rights. I like the idea of marriage. I am married and I have babies. I don’t think anyone should be denied a legal right to marriage. I also don’t think the law has any constitutional room to define any restrictions based on race, gender, or religion. So, for the … Continue reading